Eye Colored Cosplay Contacts Pair Lenses Eyes Beauty


Eye Colored Cosplay Contacts Pair Lenses Eyes Beauty

Water content: 40%

· Life Span: Yearly Disposable Contacts

· Center thickness: 0.06 mm

· Base curve: 8.5 mm

· Diameter: 14.5 mm

· Lens material: HEMA

· Lenses color: color contacts for dark eyes

· Lenses hardness: Soft

· Package included: 1 pair Color contact lenses (With Case)

· The lenses only for eye color, not optical lenses, you can’t choose power.

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Eye Colored Cosplay Contacts Pair Lenses Eyes Beauty

99Glamour COLOR Contact Brighten your dark eyes with 99Glaomur Shade contact lenses. These lenses come in a variety of shades to completely change eye color while maintaining a natural look. This way you can achieve a new look for your eyes without looking. It’s like you’re going to a costume party.

These high water content colored contact lenses are super comfortable so you will look and feel your best all day long. And with proper care and cleaning, the steam should last three months. Enjoy your day at work or play with confidence to defeat anyone who tries to throw a Shadow at you! Gray contact lenses are the perfect choice for the trendiest eye fashion of 2021! Available over the counter (0.00 power)

Sold as a pair of 2 lenses with 40% water content, these tinted lenses are among the most comfortable on the market. These lenses have a full three month lifespan with proper care and cleaning. Try a new lip color for style with 99Glamour’s new Pink Label! These tinted lenses are designed to be comfortable and durable. They will become an accessory with which you will enjoy your sports every day. Eye Colored Cosplay Contacts Pair Lenses Eyes Beauty.

For any concern about eye health you can visit Types of Contact Lenses

Reasons to consider contact lenses

There are many kinds of contact lenses, each with their own pros and cons. Learn more about each of our side-by-side comparisons.

Contact lenses move with the eye, providing a natural, borderless field of view that interferes with your vision and greatly reduces distortion. Unlike glass, they do not fog up or splash with dirt or rain. Contact lenses are great for sports and more. Many people feel they look better with contact lenses. Compared to glasses, they provide better and more natural vision.

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Weight 0.2 kg

Blue, Green, Grey, Hazel, Red, Violet


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