Hair Dryer Reset Button Not Working – Quick Troubleshooting

Hair Dryer Reset Button Not Working

Hair Dryer Reset Button Not Working

Hair dryer reset button not working troubleshooting. Before trying anything else, try the on/off button and hold it down for a few seconds. The button may be loose, or you may need to press it harder.  

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If this does not work, unplug the hair dryer from the wall outlet and press the reset button on the plug or hair dryer and plug it in again. If the button looks completely broken, click here to see how to fix it.



If you use the hair dryer for more than 710 minutes, it may turn off automatically. Unplug the device and let it cool for 23 minutes, preferably in a cool environment. Return to normal use. You need to press the reset button.

Defective Outlet Reset Buttons

If there is no definite solution, the connector must be having a problem. Before turning on the hair dryer, try to press the reset button on the hair dryer. If this does not work, the button may be broken and you need to buy a new one. hair dryer.

What about those buttons on the outlet itself?

UL recommends testing GFCI sockets once a month. Plug the night light into the power outlet and turn it on. The light should light up immediately. If not, please press the reset button. With the light on, press the test button. If not, please call an electrician.
After turning off the light, press the reset button. The night light should turn on again. If not, or if it does not light up, call an electrician. For safety reasons, UL recommends that all household appliances be kept away from showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks. When you are not using a hair dryer or curling iron, unplug it and then unplug it, especially if you have children.

Hairdryer won't turn on

Press and hold the on / off button. Before doing anything else, try pressing and holding the power button. The button may be loosened or you may have to press harder. Also, check the wiring for wear that could prevent the current from reaching the motor. Power source If there is no obvious solution, the problem may be with the power source.

Little to no air comes out

Obstacles Check the mouthpiece for obvious or easily removable obstacles. Perhaps there is an obstacle that you cannot see; in this case, refer to this manual. Also, hair or other particles can collect on the screen behind the nozzle, in which case this guide will show you how to replace them. Moreover Incorrect setting Make sure your hair dryer is set to High and not Low. Alternatively, you can activate the Turbo button to increase the air flow rate. Fan problem If there is no obvious solution, the problem may be with the fan / motor assembly, which will need to be disassembled for replacement. instruct.

Unable to switch between settings

Plastic deposits Clean the area around the handles with compressed air. After years of use, plastic and oil can build up and interfere with the buttons. Moreover Broken Control Panel If you can’t quickly restore the functionality of the buttons, the problem is almost certainly related to the control panel with buttons, which controls how the hair dryer switches between settings. Check out this guide to find out how to replace it.

Only cold air comes out

Incorrect setting First make sure your hair dryer is set to a heat distribution such as “Hot” or “Warm”. Make sure your hair dryer is not set to Cool. Moreover Heating element defective.
If your settings are correct and all other components are working, this might be the problem. The most obvious problem is the heating element. , which often requires replacement, which is explained in detail in this manual.


What causes a hair dryer to stop working?

Overheating may be the cause of the problem. Using the hair dryer for more than 710 minutes may cause it to turn off automatically. In this case, unplug the device and cool down the device, preferably in a cool environment, for 23 minutes. After cooling down, the tumble dryer can return to normal use.