How to Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush – Quick & Easy Steps

How to clean revlon hair dryer brush. Did your hair get stuck in the hair dryer no worry we have the solution for that.

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The Revlon hair dryer is one of the most popular models at a reasonable price. It includes a hairdryer and a comb, which speed up the drying of the hair and give it extra volume. It is easy to use and lasts a long time.

Moreover I even continue to use it for many years. But for this you need to keep it clean. Because it gets dirty quickly, broken bristles stick to bristles and other dirt. We will talk about the procedure for cleaning the Revlon One Step hair dryer, but before that. you need to know what you need for the procedure.

Plus, following the instructions mentioned in this guide will clean all hot hair dryers. The following items are required to clean your hair dryer.

How to Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Things Need to Start Cleaning

You need to have following thing to start for how to clean revlon hair dryer brush.

  1. Scissor
  2. Towel
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Dish Detergent

Start with Cutting off the Hairs Stuck in Brush


First Step to how to clean revlon hair dryer brush. Start with Scissor to cut the hair stuck in brush. Then use brush the remove all the hairs. Use small scissors that can easily cut the hair between the brush.

Use Detergent on Brush to Clean the brush properly. Make sure water does not flow through the blower motor.

After that Use Towel to Polish your Blow dryer. Not to rinse water on your brush because it can be risky.


Polish with Towel

Since this is an electronic product, I believe that the dryer should be as far away from water as possible, so I also said that we should dry the barrel with a towel when we clean the barrel with a toothbrush. Remove stains and water from the surface of the styling dryer.

Use a lint-free cloth and dry the barrel gently, then let the styler sit for a few minutes and you will have a new Revlon dryer. comb.

Why Should You Clean Your Hair Dryer Brush?

Brushes that have hair and buildup adhered to it will in general drag your hair while you’re fixing it.

This builds hair breakage and blocks its general presentation. So you end up with a beautiful limp look rather than entirely straight hair.

The other thing to consider is the danger of contaminations. The sleek, tacky development plays the ideal host to microscopic organisms and sicknesses.

This builds the danger of scalp diseases, irritation and different sorts of hair harm.

The most ideal approach to forestall this is to remove time from your bustling timetable and get cleaning. At last, your standard cleaning meetings will likewise help keep the brush thriving condition.

So you wind up expanding its use as opposed to being compelled to toss it’s anything but a year.

How Often Should I Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush?

Experts recommend cleaning hot styling tools such as irons twice a month. I think the same rules apply to smooth brushes. Used to collect dirt and hair in the bristles. Therefore, it is very important to clean the brush at least twice a month. Rottenly, How to clean revlon hair dryer brush

In addition, if you frequently use styling products, such as hair spray, it is very important to brush it three times a month. Because hair spray leaves traces of harmful chemicals and alcohol, these chemicals and alcohol can damage your hair.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer


One-time combing, blow-drying and making your hair plump, maximum drying performance, reduce frizz and hair damage by 30%. Unique non-removable oval brush can straighten the hair, while the rounded edges create a sense of plumpness.

Use a nylon pen Developed with fluffy bristles, combing volume and 3 adjustable heat/speed levels with cooling options to ensure style flexibility. Safety first-Revlon One Step hair dryer and Volumizers comply with US safety regulations. Do not use voltage converters or adapters , Because this may damage the 1100W device.

The performance of this device may vary by location. Volumizer care: clean the air inlet regularly, remove the hair on the brush after each use, and do not wind the power cord around the device. To keep the bristles in perfect condition, please allow the equipment to cool down before storing. How to clean revlon hair dryer brush is mentioned in this article.




Revlon One-step contains an ion generator to help maintain a neutral charge while styling. It helps reduce frizzy hair and static electricity for a sleek, sleek look. Its ergonomic design is relatively light for its weight.

Furthermore, Making it easy to use for a long time to create a beautiful style. The unique oval design and rounded edges of the brush allow you to comb hair closer to the scalp, straighten hair and add volume step brush creates a tangle effect, while the bristles add softness and volume. This model is for 120-volt outlet only, making it only compatible with US stores.

Importance of Cleaning Hair Dryer?

Hair adds more beauty, so we just focus on keeping it clean, but that doesn’t help us much since most of us don’t brush our hair dryer or comb every day after we return when we use the hairdryer. How to clean revlon hair dryer brush.

Moreover, hair and comb do not wash your hair, dirt gets on the hair dryer and comb, so if you shampoo your hair, but do not clean the hair dryer and comb, your hair will be damaged, so good that we must not only brush our hair, but also clean. Comb the hair dryer because you now know that cleaning is a simple job.

How often do you think cleaning your hair dryer? Maybe not so often! However, you are not alone; Most people don’t look twice at their hairdryer unless it’s broken, putting it to the side or in a drawer even after cleaning. A dirty hair dryer is a problem for two reasons:

1) it spews dust on clean hair and

2) it can be a fire hazard when the dust prevents proper ventilation of the dryer.

Specialized Cleaning Solution

You need to additionally do not forget the use of a unique cleansing answer on your warm air brush, particularly in case you use quite a few hairs care merchandise, as they are able to genuinely building up in your brush. Specializing How to clean revlon hair dryer brush. I use the Hot Tools Curling Iron Cleaner that I buy online, however you may be capable of locate specialized cleansing answers on your brush and different warm styling gear at maximum expert salons and hair product shops as well. As those answers are made specially to cast off the accumulation of hair care merchandise out of your brush. They’re typically very powerful at doing simply that, and are clearly extra powerful than simply the use of a moist fabric alone. When product buildup is eliminated out of your brush, it’s going to carry out higher and final longer too.

Not to Do

Do not pour too much water into the dryer as this may damage the engine. Avoid getting all electrical equipment wet. Using wet electrical equipment can be dangerous. Keep the motor and power cord dry to avoid accidents.

DO NOT wrap the cord around the device. when not in use or in storage, as this will wear out the cord. Use scissors to trim your hair carefully.

Avoid cutting coarse hair Make sure the scissors reach all the way down to every row and column to cut off any debris.

How To Use?

After that How to clean revlon hair dryer brush. You need to have following thing to start Use of it.

  1. After washing, wipe off excess moisture from your hair with a towel.

  2. Divide the hair into several parts and blow dry.

  3. To blow dry, place the brush under the hair near the hairline and roll it to the tip. Comb the roots for 2-3 seconds.

  4. To curl and increase the volume of the hair, place the hair on the curved edge and hold for 2-3 seconds, then rotate the brush.

    It’s important to let your hair air dry a little bit first as not to trying to do it on fully wet hair. Let it dry about 70% (usually I’ll wash before bed and use it in the morning).

    Use the three temperature settings accordingly Low, Medium & High.

    Split your hair into the bottom and top sections when drying so you can style the bottom section first then the top section.

    It is very fast & effective. The round brush volumize on the other hand bristles and heat dries & help in styling the hair.


The mostly complaints about this item are centered around overheating. In rate cases, reviewers complained about the high setting was hard on their hair over time.

Others users said that their step dryer overheated and started smoking. A point that other reviewers told was allowing the hair to dry a bit before using this item on a lower setting that wouldn’t damage your hair.

Not Turning On

Turn off and unplug it. Then press the reset button and plug it returned in. The take a look at button lets in you to reduce off energy manually. It also, as its call suggests, lets in you to check that the ALCI is running.

Just plug the hair dryer in, press take a look at, and the dryer must prevent running. (To get it running again, unplug it and press the reset button.) Hair dryer producers suggest checking out the ALCI earlier than on every occasion you operate the device, though that is probably overkill.

Making Rattling Noise

The damn noise is because of an unfastened impeller, the plastic component with blades in the device. The noise shows that the blades are both unfastened or damaged and the blades are hitting the vents. 

Disassemble the hairdryer and if the component is unfastened, tighten the blades. If it’s far damaged, update the impeller. After How to clean revlon hair dryer brush you need to properly check the device.


If you do not clean and maintain the hot air brushes properly, your hair is at risk of heat damage, because these brushes are more likely to cause heat damage if they are dirty and have too much product clumping on them.

It will burn, and your hair may not look as good as using a beautiful, clean brush. Therefore, avoid unnecessary risks and brush your teeth regularly. Your hair will be very happy.

This is a simple brushing and brushing operation, which only takes less than an hour. This method of brushing will help you improve the performance of the straightening brush in the long run, extend its service life and prevent damage to your hair. A win-win for you and the brush. How to clean revlon hair dryer brush hope this article cleared your answer. 


What watts/watts does this product have?

This information is high or low because if it is a 4500W styling tool, I need 5 days to blow dry my hair, I don’t want to. I finally found the information in a hardware store and they said that the wattage is 1100 watts. It seems to be right. It is very powerful, it dries my curly hair quickly and makes it smooth and smooth when I separate my hair for a moment.

Is this hair dryer suitable for very short, fine hair?

Please note that the brush is large. If your hair is short, if you can’t wrap the brush around your hair, I don’t know how to increase the volume. I like this hair dryer, but maybe you should look at a hair dryer the size of a curling iron.

Can this be used on wet hair?

Yes, the truth is that it is a hair dryer/Volumizer. I wrap my hair in a towel to absorb most of the moisture, then apply a leave-in conditioner and a lot of spray, and cut it. Since my hair is short and looks like a baby, I use the lowest setting.

What is the best way to remove hair from the device?

After turning off the device and disconnecting the power plug, you can use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the Revlon Salon One Step blower and volume.

What is the best way to remove hair from the device?

After turning off the device and disconnecting the power plug, you can use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the Revlon Salon One Step blower and volume. Read the article to properly know How to clean revlon hair dryer brush.