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how to use a wand curler on short hair

How to Use a Wand Curler on Short Hair

How to use a wand curler on short hair in 2024. There is no secret that girls with long hair tend to play various styles. Short hair can be designed in many styles.

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You can even keep curly hair for the day. Different size curlers allow you to style your hair in different styles. Suitable for all hair types: from short, medium and long hair to thick, fine, normal, thick and thick hair. Home LED display and easy-to-use temperature and temperature control The temperature is displayed directly on the LED display, it is convenient for you to easily check the desired temperature.

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Start with freshly washed hair.

Cleaner hair usually means thicker, more bouncy hair.

Clean with a system that replenishes and nourishes your hair without weighing it down (especially if your hair looks good, thinner or aging). Blow dry to 90%.


Curl the Front Section

Spray the hair with a heat protectant, such as TIGI Custom Create Heat Protect Spray.

Then, using a 1 1/4 inch curling tube, start curling the hair near the hairline. E

d’s tip: The hair is short, and the slightly messy modern look looks younger.

Do this by curling your hair in different directions.

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Continue until all sections are curled.

Keep turning the remaining parts, if they are a bit uneven, don’t worry. The thicker and messier, the more sexy.

Muss up the roots with your fingers.

When you are done, gently shake the curls to loosen them.

Tip: Shake the root area to create a slight lift. Then leave it as it is and finish it with hairspray.

Decorate it with sexy hair accessories such as shiny headbands or hairbrushes.

After curling up all the hair, it’s time to shake it. Curl your hair and separate them with your fingers to get a fun beach look.

Design your hair the way you want-wear it, add a fun hairpin, or try a hair band.

After finishing the styling, add some hairspray, such as Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspra​​y. You will soon become a professional.

Another Method

This is another method for How to use a wand curler on short hair.

The smaller the barrel, Vaccaro says, the steeper the wave or roll. Use a 0.75 “barrel if you want curls, and a 1” barrel if you want looser waves.

Start by spraying a heat-resistant spray on your hair. Using an alligator clip or hair tie, cut off the top half of your hair and part with a parting. If you have straight hair, blow dry with a light blow dryer to keep it straight.

Add some sand (otherwise it will hard to grab and hair will react to curlers) Place a lock of hair in the tube and begin securing each lock, grabbing it as soon as you release the hair from the trunk Hold it in your hand for a few seconds, then release.

Continue curling the top section, alternating curls from face to face for a more natural result. Free the rest of your hair from the bobby pin and repeat the curl. Secure your curls with a strong hairspray such as GSQ by Glam squad’s Strong Hold Hairspray ($ 11). “It’s a tangible hold, but it will definitely help you control frizzy hair as well.” – said Vaccaro.