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how to dry hair fast without hair dryer

How to dry hair fast without hair dryer?

How to dry hair fast without hair dryer. Blow takes greater time whilst your are seeking to get ready.

If you need to strive a smooth opportunity to blow drying that does not take even longer, strive a few special air-drying methods.

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1) Blotting Your Hair Dry

Use a towel to dispose of water out of your hair. Make certain to apply a microfiber or different incredible absorbent towel rather than a normal towel.

A normal towel could make your hair frizzy and reason breakage. Use an absorbent towel to absorb moisture. Try to dispose of as a great deal water as possible.

Place your hair in sections. Squeeze the hair within side the towel for some seconds. Release and flow directly to the subsequent section. Go over your hair and blot once more as commonly as needed. 

2) Wrap Your Hair in Towel

Use a towel turban to wrap your hair in after shower. Leave the hair within side the turban whilst you get ready, consume breakfast, or do different tasks.

Check in approximately 10-15 minutes, and your hair ought to be on its manner to being dry.

3) Air Dry

Air drying your hair is a nice way to avoid heat damage that a hair dryer can cause, but slow drying also has some drawbacks. If your hair takes about two hours to air dry completely, it will swell for a long time, putting more pressure on the proteins that keep it intact.

Also, since the air dries out your hair, you can rub it with a towel. This abrasion will cause your hair to fall out, break and frizz. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using a T-shirt or microfiber towel. to squeeze excess water out of your hair, and not rub your hair.

We all know how difficult it is to keep hair tangled and unkempt when air-dried. You can comb through damp hair, but this will cause the curls to shrink. straighten, damage and split ends while your hair is at its best.

4) Use a Micro Fiber Brush

A micro fiber brush is a broom that has bristles. These sponges take in more moisture on your hair. Keep strolling the comb via your hair to assist put off water.

5) With a T-Shirt

Have you ever thought that the cure for frizzy and frizzy hair is an old T-shirt? That’s right, your old gym shirt might be the hairstyle you’re asking for. Although regular bath towels draw all moisture out of the hair, furrows can form on the hair cuticle.

You want to absorb excess water without stripping it of moisture to avoid frizzing. Cotton T-shirts allow water to seep inside. Glide through your hair, do not rub. This method of drying T-shirts is known as overdrive.

6) Shake Your Hair Dry

Remove the extra moisture from your hair. Then, flip your head the wrong way up and shake it. Use your arms to split and fluff the roots of your hair.

Hold your hair and lightly shake it up and down. Bend over & shake your head .

7) With A Diffuser

Instead of curling your hair with pliers or spending too much time straightening your curls, a diffuser is the perfect tool to give your hair natural growth. The diffuser is covering your hair dryer.

Curl your hair or induce frizz while blow drying. Perfect for textures, from corkscrew curls to waves.

8) Sit In Sun

The warmth from direct daylight will assist dry your hair. If you’ve got got the time, take a seat down out of doors or take a stroll as your hair dries.

Make positive to eliminate extra moisture and blot your hair earlier than you stroll out of doors. In this 8 steps we try to cover How to dry hair fast without hair dryer.



Depending on the texture and length of your hair, and what suits you best, you can choose one of the methods to dry your hair quickly. How to dry hair fast without hair dryer. hope that we have answered your question.

Let your hair dry as much as possible under a fan. If you’re prone to frizz, wrap up hair in a towel or T-shirt until you’re ready to dry. Blotting or Air dry.