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What hair dryer should I buy

What hair dryer should I buy

What hair dryer should I buy. In principle, the working of a hair dryer is simple: the fan of the hair dryer pushes cold air onto the heating element. There are some certain materialistic things to have in mind while making a decision which are discussed below.

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Working mode of a hair dryer is very simple: fan of the hair dryer throw cold air onto the heating element (coil), air is heated by the heating element and discharged from the nozzle of the hair concentrator. Below is the list of dryers answering your query What hair dryer should I buy.



We will not look at what material the hair dryer is made of, but it is important to know whether the material used in the hair dryer is suitable for your hair. In context to What hair dryer should I buy.

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Let’s take a look at the most popular hair dryers.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

Hair dryer heating method Ion hair dryer Ceramic or ceramic hair dryer Tourmaline hair dryer Titanium hair dryer Ion hair dryer. When the air passes through the current in the metal coil (nickel-chromium alloy wire), the ion technology produces a series of negatively charged ions.

As well as the charged ions help break down the positively charged water molecules, dry the hair without removing moisture, and make the hair soft and silky. In response to what hair dryer should I buy.

4.6 out of 5

Powerful and strong dryer that meets all the needs the BaBylissPRO Ceramic Extreme 2000-watt hair dryer. A expert light-weight motor & extra-excessive wattage supply a brilliant performance. This hair dryer can do it all!

Ceramic era gives even warmth distribution & terrible ions lessen static power for wholesome vivid hair. In response to what hair dryer should I buy.

Great for all hair sorts along with thick & coarse hair, this blow dryer enables display vivid, wholesome-searching hair.

Ion hair dryer

Ion hair dryer heating element Ion hair dryer can use any heating material, such as nickel-chromium alloy, ceramics.

In other words, the ion hair dryer can be a combination of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. The advantage of an ion hair dryer is that it can help you dry your hair quickly, thereby saving time.

Similarly these hair dryers generate negatively charged ions that break down water molecules and seal the stratum corneum and retain moisture in the hair. Ion hair dryers are not suitable for styling, do not increase the volume.

Moreover these hair dryers are not suitable for fine or short hair. In subject to what hair dryer should I buy.

4.3 out of 5

Power Wind Force: 1800W professional ionic hair dryer with extra rotating pace and excessive torque, lets in your hair dry quick whilst lowering your losses. Features 2 pace (HIGH/LOW) and three heat (HOT/COOL/WARM) settings.

Hair Care Our hair blow dryer’s bad ion teschnology lessen frizz and complements shine. Constant temperature characteristic make sure the healthiest hair care and dryness experience.

Easy to Use This transportable blow dryer designed with double protection detachable filter, your hair will now no longer get sucked into the blow dryer without problems, and it is simple to clean. ready with 1 diffuser and a couple of concentrator nozzles to exactly mess the desires of all hairstyles: curly, straight, skinny or thick.

Smart Design The small hair dryer is furnished suspension ring that may be held on without problems held on wall or bracket. and length is 5.7×5.3×2.nine inch, that is handy to carry. In relevant to what hair dryer should I buy.

Compact and Lightweight Suitable for expert salons and domestic use, however additionally very appropriate for travel, our expert blow dryer is a great present for ladies who want to see her best. Use it as a birthday present, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas items and plenty of different unique occasions.


Tourmaline technology is another electric technology used in hair dryers. This is a many-color mineral, mainly gems.

Moreover It is a pyroelectric and piezoelectric mineral. Therefore, when force is pushes to this mineral, it generates charge. Mineral tourmaline emits negatively charged ions and infrared heat, making it an ion and infrared dryer.

In principle, mineral tourmaline can be made into a strong ion hair dryer or an infrared hair dryer heat sink.

Moreover the benefit of tourmaline hair dryers is that these are more quick and efficient than ion or ceramic hair dryers, heat sink. Tourmaline hair dryers are safer. In response to what hair dryer should I buy.

4.5 out of 5

High-first-class lightweight DC Motor, Lasts longer which cause them to really well worth the cost. Less noisy, closing longer, quieter, and provide an additional effective air flow. A blow dryer with 1875 watts of strength decreases drying time, protective in opposition to warmness damage.

Ionic Technology generates poor ions, which clean hair and lock in moisture. It additionally permits the hair to bear a good deal better ranges of warmth with out growing damage. Making the warmth a good deal gentler at the hair in the course of styling for a shinier and much less frizzy finish.

Attachment Tools and Concentrator: The slender air concentrator is right for precision styling on straight, clean hair. That aids in straightening sections of hair for a swish shine. Diffuser: Give your curls the eye they deserve with hair diffuser, designed to decorate your herbal curl and texture, specially with wavy or curly hair. three Heat Settings/ 2 Speeds Settings.

Adjustable temperature and speeds, cap potential to keep away from warmness damage. Use decrease settings for styling and better temperature settings for effective drying. Getting the maximum use from your dryer. In context of In response to what hair dryer should I buy.


Titanium hair dryers are considered lightweight hair dryers. Basically your hair dryer type is made of Cornell titanium hair dryer heating elements. Mostly brands make different type of blow dryer. The article is what hair dryer should I buy.

Hair dryers that combine different technologies are designed to combine all the advantages in one; a hair dryer that combines four technologies can help you shape and dry correctly. Effective in a shorter time without damage

4.6 out of 5

While styling your locks, what is higher than speedy outcome? Fast results that last. The Revlon Salon titanium hair dryer is constructed with Titanium era that will help you obtain the coolest hair day trifecta: clean, shiny, healthy-searching consequences. The article is what hair dryer should I buy.

Titanium era transfers warmth fast for instant drying and styling at the same time as supporting lessen over-drying to combat frizz and beautify shine. 1875-Watts produce a effective airflow for a quicker dry. Multiple warmth settings offer real customization for all hair kinds and textures. Because, let’s accept it, who does not crave a fabulous blowout?

Help set the fashion for an excellent longer-lasting preserve through the use of the cool shot button on the give up of your styling routine. Includes bonus attachments to similarly beautify styling. The Smoothing concentrator focuses airflow for specific styling and ultra-clean blowouts. The volumizing diffuser softens the airflow to outline herbal curls and waves. Get persisted optimum overall performance with the detachable give up cap for smooth cleaning.

Hair Dryer Brush

Another form of hair dryer in the market is Brush. Comb, blow dry and add volume in one go, maximum drying power with 30% less frizz and less damage. The unique design of the non-removable oval brush head smoothers hair, while the edges are rounded for bounciness. The article is what hair dryer should I buy.

Improved control and volume 3 temperature / speed settings with cooling function for style flexibility. Bulge Care clean the air intake regularly, remove hair from the brush after each use, and do not wrap the cord around the device. To keep the bristles in perfect condition, allow the machine to cool before storing.

4.6 out of 5

Style, Dry & Volumize Your Hair in One Step, Max Drying Power with 30% Less Frizz and enables lessen hair harm. Unique Non-Detachable Oval Brush Design for Smoothing the Hair, at the same time as the spherical edges create volume. Designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling, progressed volume, and control three Heat/Speed Settings with Cool alternative for styling flexibility.

Safety First: The One Step Dryer and Volumizer meets U.S. protection necessities and functions the ETL Certification, unit is designed for one hundred twenty Volt USA shops only. DO NOT use a voltage converter or adapter because it will harm the unit 1100 Watts of Power – Note that wattage of this equipment can also additionally range relying at the area of use.

Volumizer Care: Clean air inlet regularly, take away hair from the comb after each use and do now no longer wrap wire across the unit. To preserve bristles in nice situation allow unit cool earlier than storing. The article is what hair dryer should I buy.

Things to Remember While Buying

Every as soon as and some time we may be assisting a patron with our smoothing products, permitting them to recognize, how our Smooth Infusion line enables fight frizz and easy out wave and curl and I gets the satisfactory compliment. Clients will will say, “Well, your hair does not want that. As little as years in the past my hair become UNRULY. I might spend nearly an hour blow drying it and inside half-hour my waves might be again and now no longer lovely Botticelli waves however a frizzy, warm mess. I hated my hair. In related to What hair dryer should I buy.

While many stuff have helped my hair woes, along with splendid Aveda products. One issue that has modified my existence is having a higher blow dryer. Having the ideal equipment can flip a frizzy haired female from a hat lover to a smoothed out vixen. Here are a few matters to search for while buying a blow dryer.

1. The Power

This will assist the hair dry faster. Remember how I stated it took me nearly an hour to dry my hair? This is why. No energy! Look for some thing with a better wattage. 1800 or better for thinner hair. Many expert blow dryers have wattage as excessive as 3600. While those blow dryers are greater pricey they’re first-rate for thick, curly hair! They will reduce drying time in 1/2 of because of this that much less damage!

2. Ceramic and Tourmaline

These are your friends! If your aim is to easy your hair, search for a blow dryer that has ceramic and tourmaline generation. Ceramic generation enables manage the warmth of your blow dryer so it distributes the warmth greater evenly. Tourmaline is an splendid mineral that enables easy hair via way of means of sealing the cuticle and keeping moisture. In different phrases it combats frizz whilst assisting your hair maintain wanted moisture.

3. A cool shot button

This magic button enables “set” the fashion. For example in case you are the usage of a spherical brush to easy the hair for greater extent and jump use the cool shot button as soon as the hair is dry to set the fashion.

4. Attachments

In order to easy hair your blow dryer need to have a nozzle attachment. This enables pay attention the air waft so it blows without delay at the vicinity you need to easy. When drying the hair factor the nozzle downwards to lessen Flyaways. If you put on your hair curly every so often like I do, you may additionally need a diffuser together along with your blow dryer. This will assist unfold out the air waft of the blow dryer.

5. Heat controls

Use the better putting to get rid of maximum of the moisture from the hair. The decrease putting then may be used to fashion as soon as with hair is ready 90% dry. This is a terrific function in case your hair is damaged. We do not all want to blow dry our hair on excessive heat, excessive energy. Look for a blow dryer that has a couple of putting for warmth in addition to a excessive, low putting.

6. Removable Air Filter

Double protection net, save you hair drawn into the duct, preserve the dryer constantly running in excessive efficiency, clean to clean, long lasting to use.

7. ALCI Safety

ALCI Safety plug, as soon as the fast circuit as a result of leakage, leakage safety characteristic is mechanically activated to make certain the protection of you and your family. A dryer with ALCI safety is important thing to consider.

8. Experts Used

A top blow dryer does not should be pricey. If you save round an awesome hair dryer may be bought that possesses lots of those traits from a prime retail store. However, professionals hair dryers are made to dry the hair of as many as 8 customers a day, 5 days a week. That’s over 2,000 heads dried in a year. As you may believe this device will closing you a protracted time! Not to say the better wattage many expert hairdryers provide. Some favored expert manufacturers right here on the salon are:

  • T3
  • BaByliss
  • Dyson
  • Solano

If you’re nonetheless hesitant or want greater advice, are available in and spot one in all our gifted stylists. They can provide you with guidelines on styling equipment which includes blow dryers and flat irons and nicely as guidelines on the usage of them nicely to gain most results. I might now no longer be in which I am these days in my personal hair happiness if it wasn’t for the hints and tips of my adorable team. So pass forth and make terrific hair yours! (with the proper equipment of course).

Wrap Up

What hair dryer should I buy. 99Glamour hopes that the answer should be cleared. There are different types of blow dryers available in the market there are some other factors to consider while buying a hair dryer for healthy & shinny hair mentioned above.