How to Use Hot Rollers on Fine Hair – Product Guide by 99Glamour

How to Use Hot Rollers on Fine Hair

How to Use Hot Rollers on Fine Hair

How to use hot rollers on fine hair? First use Volumizing Wash & Care System to wash your hair. Volume Shampoo and conditioner are one of the duos when we want volume.

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We often think that hot videos are only related to the era of perfume sprays, hand-held mirrors and movie stars.

They look old-fashioned in our era of Alex Chang and have special texture sprays and curling rods that bounce your hair then, as in all other tendencies, fatigue sets in.

We spend so much time pretending that we are barely getting old. We started looking for a middle ground between spending hours wearing silk robes in the closet and just getting out of bed.

This is where hot videos come in handy. But forget what your grandmother taught you about them. it’s a new way to get big waves, modern and fresh.

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About This Product

Enhanced by curiosity and passion, T3 products are based on intuition. We bring scientific and technical innovation to the world of beauty, creating the best styling tools: smart and powerful products that actively care for your hair, leaving you satisfied.

Wearing and delightful to admire. The goal is to simplify life and highlight beauty, empower every woman to look and feel her best, and give stylists the tools to excel in their art.

Incredible volume, shape and radiance. Everything is combined into one whole. The rollers heat up quickly and retain heat so that the mass is stored for a long time.

Voluminous Waves

Step 1:

Roll up to set the volume in the volumetric waveguide.

Step 2:

Blow dry coarse and damp hair and dry it to 90% with a T3 hair dryer.

Step 3:

Brushing Use larger rollers for the curls in the front and smaller rollers for the curls in the back. The hair on each roller should be the same width as the roller you are using.

Final Look:

Release the clip and gently comb through the hair with your fingers. Part your hair the way you want and you’re ready to curl it.

Customize your Curls, Expand your set with 4 different hot rollers sizes. Further How to use hot rollers on fine hair.

steps for voluminous waves

1) Start by Washing Hair

First use Volume Duo to wash and condition your hair. First use Volumizing Wash & Care System to wash your hair.

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are one of the duos when we want volume.

After that divide your hair into four section and apply this method one by one on each of the section.


2) Blow Dryer Your Hair

Blow dry your hair until it is 90% dry. Turn on the heat roller to heat up.

3) Tease, roll and set

Move a strand of hair two to three inches from the root, wrap the hair around the curling iron, and secure it with a pin.

Let the hot roll rest for at least 30 minutes. The longer you wait, the tighter your curls will become.

Skip the tips and curl your hair tightly. After two laps, wrap the riser on the pulley and continue rolling in the direction of the scalp. (This method helps to keep the hair snugly on the curling iron.) Attach the clip to the curling iron to hold it in place.

4) Remove & Spray

Once the rollers have cooled, you can unfold each roller and let the curls hang down.

Gently comb all the curls, being careful not to brush off the irritated strands at the roots. Customize your look with TIGI Full of It Volume hair paint. headboard. To add extra volume and keep the hairstyle in place.

Unfold one at a time, starting from the back of the head and gradually unfolding upwards. When they are pulled back, use your fingers to run through your hair from root to tip to relax the waves. brush

This will destroy the definition of waves. Spray gently on the hair to keep the newly discovered hair elastic throughout the day.