When was hair dryer invented? Brief History of Hair Dryer

When was hair dryer invented

When was hair dryer invented?

When was hair dryer invented? A Brief history of hair dryers. In 1890, French stylist Alexandre Godefroy invented the first hair dryer. Which was a large sitting hair dryer consisting of a range hood connected to a gas stove fireplace. Geoffroy invented it for his hair salon in France. Below is the brief history of when was hair dryer invented.

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Around 1915, hair dryers began to hit the market in portable form. This was due to the innovations of National Stamping and Electricworks with the white cross mark, and later U. Racine Universal Motor Company and Hamilton Beach Co., which allowed the hair dryer to be small enough to be held in the hand. . hairdryers were often heavy, weighing about 2 pounds (0.9 kg), and were difficult to use.

They also had numerous cases of overheating and electrocution. hairdryers could only use 100 watts which increased hair drying time (the current average hairdryer can use up to 2000 watts of heat). Since the 1920s, hair dryer development has primarily focused on improving power and modifying surface and exterior materials. Indeed, the mechanism of the dryer has not undergone significant modifications since its creation. One of the most important changes for the hair dryer is to be plastic, so that it is lighter. This spread in the 1960s with the introduction of better electric motors and improved plastics. Another major change occurred in 1954 when GEC changed the design of the dryer to move the motor inside the enclosure.


What is a Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer, hair dryer is an electro-mechanical tool that blows warm or ambient air into damp hair to accelerate the evaporation of moisture and dry it. In context to When was hair dryer invented.

The hair dryer accelerates and controls the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds in each hair, allowing you to better control the shape and style of the hair.

These bonds are strong (so they can style the hair more firmly than the sulfur bonds formed by perm products). But they are temporary and extremely susceptible to moisture. They only washed their hair once and left.


The first portable hair dryer hit the market in 1925. It produced only 100 watts of heat and therefore was not powerful enough to dry hair quickly. He weighs over 2 pounds. (1kg) as it is made of heavy duty steel and zinc. In context to When was hair dryer invented.

Over the next 20 years, engineers improved the design and managed to triple the thermal power, bringing it to 300 watts. By the 1960s, further improvements in electrical technology made it possible to produce hair dryers up to 500 watts. Focused on improving the safety of the dryer. The first hair dryers were very dangerous because if accidentally came into contact with water, they caused a short circuit and electric shock.

There are hundreds of cases of accidental electric shock when a hairdryer is placed in the bathtub. or it is submerged in water during use. Your product is safer. The power of the hair dryer is limited by the available electric motors.

Types of Hair Dryer?

There are two main types of hair dryer (blow dryers): Manual and hard range hoods. Also Read $500 Hair Dryer

Basically the working of blow dryer is a simple concept, the hair dryer fan throw the cool air towards the heating element (coil) and the air heats up due to the heating element and blows out of the concentrator nozzle hair dryer.

Similarly the hood dryer has a hard plastic hood that can be put on a person’s head to dry the hair. In the dome, dry the hair evenly. Likewise Hood dryers are mainly sold in beauty salons.

Let’s take a look at the types of hair dryers, there are four most commonly used hair dryer heating methods. In context to When was hair dryer invented.

1) Ionic Hair Dryer.
2) Ceramic or Porcelain Hair Dryer.
3) Tourmaline Hair Dryer.
4) Titanium Hair Dryer.

Ionic Dryer Heating Element - When was hair dryer invented

1. Ionic Technology

In ionic technology, negative charged ions are produced when air passed through the electric current in the metal coil (nichrome wire). Then these negative charged ions break down the positive charged water molecules and dry your hair without removing moisture and making your hair smooth and silky. Ionic hair dryers can have any heating material such as nichrome, ceramic. In simple words, ionic hair dryers can be a hybrid combo of ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. The good thing about the ionic hair dryer is that these hair dryers save time because they help dry the hair quickly. Seal the cuticles so that moisture in the hair is trapped. Ionic hair dryers are not suitable for styling, do not add volume or bounce to hair. These hairdryers are not suitable for thin and short hair.

Ceramic Heating Element

2. Ceramic Technology

Ceramic dryers are unlike from ionic hair dryers. Here in ceramic hair dryers the heating material is ceramic clay or porcelain. Unlike metallic material, ceramic material provides even heat so that ceramic hair dryers do not damage the hair. Ceramic hair dryers also emit negatively charged ions as well as hot air. The advantage of ceramic hair dryers is that they heat up very quickly and also deliver heat to the end of the nozzle surface or the diffuser surface. In ceramic blow dryers, ceramic clay is used on any internal part of the hair dryer, some use ceramic heating element. So that the heat which is formed in the dryer also becomes so thanks to this ceramic clay. Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for both styling and drying any type of hair, making it more shiny, smooth and silky. Those who frequently dry their hair can choose the type of ceramic hair dryer. There is a lot of confusion about what to choose, ion or ceramic hair dryer.

Tourmaline heating element of blow dryer

3. Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline technology is other technology used in hair dryers. It is basically a multi-colored mineral, a gemstone. Tourmaline is a pyroelectric and piezoelectric mineral, so when a force is applied to this mineral, it generates an electric charge. The tourmaline mineral release both negative charged ions and infrared heat, making it an hybrid of ionic and infrared hair dryer. Basically, tourmaline mineral used in making strong ion dryer or infrared hair dryer. The advantage of tourmaline hair dryers is that these dryers are more efficient and faster than other ionic or ceramic hair dryers. The tourmaline mineral are small molecules and used in the internal body parts of the hair dryer or sometimes this tourmaline powder is used on the heating element. Tourmaline hair dryers are secure hair dryers, these hair dryers generate heat very smoothly, gently and in the same way, so that the hair is protected from heat and less damaged. These blow dryers are 50 percent faster than ionic hair dryers and ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline hairdryers are best suited for thick, frizzy hair, but not enough for thin, short hair.

Titanium Dryer Element

4. Titanium Technology

Another type of hair dryer is titanium hair dryers, where the heating coil is made of metallic titanium. Titanium hair dryers are much faster than ionic, ceramic, or tourmaline hair dryers. They are not safe for fine and small hair due to the temperature of the heat generated by this hair dryer which can damage the hair. Titanium hair dryers are considered lightweight hair dryers. Most of these types of hair dryers are made by the Conair company. Major brands make different types of hair dryers. The hair dryer with a combination of different types of technologies has been produced in such a way that all the benefits can be found in one hair dryer. The hair dryer with the combination of the four technologies will help you style and dry effectively in less time without damaging your hair.


Similarly Blow dryers consist of an electric heat coil and a fan.

As well as The heating element in most dryers is an uninsulated nickel-chromium alloy wire wound on a mica insulator. It does not conduct electricity well and will not rust when heated. 

Moreover A shop survey in 2007 found that most hair dryers have ceramic heating elements (such as ceramic radiators) because of their “fast heating” capability. The dryer heats and dries in a shorter time.


Important key factors to consider when designing a portable hair dryer is the amount of heat it can generate. Since hot air can absorb more moisture than cold air, the air flow temperature is very important. air and by knowing the maximum temperature that can be used without burning the skin, engineers can calculate the amount of energy required for the heating element.

This ensures that the device generates enough heat to dry your hair quickly. However, simply raising the temperature of the hair is not enough; Air must also pass quickly through the hair to effectively remove moisture. Hence, fan performance is also an important factor. Another important design criterion is device safety. First, the hair dryer should not be so hot that it burns the user during operation.

The plastic case must maintain a comfortable temperature and must not overheat, otherwise it may melt or catch fire. To solve this problem, engineers developed temperature switches to keep the coils from overheating. This safety switch also shuts off the heating coil if the fan motor stops running. Secondly, the hair dryer must not cause electric shock. In modern hair dryers, to prevent accidental electric shock, a special protection against electric shock is used – a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Other factors to consider include device weight and user-friendly design. For convenience, the hair dryer is designed to weigh only about 1 pound (500 grams) and is easy to use. processed during operation.

Importance of Hair Dryer

Blow-drying helps to shape the hair into a style. It plays a role in every haircut service we offer at Murdock as it effectively wicks moisture away from the hair, causing less frizz and creating a natural body and shape for styling. a hair dryer may have become common these days, but do people think it’s one of the essential tools to have on the dressing table? If you’ve nodded no, then you definitely need to think about it. hundreds of reasons to make hair dryer a must have. In context of when was hair dryer invented.

Not only for trendy people, adopting their style quotient every day, but also for regular user. It will bring you great benefits. a good hairstyling day always turns out to be linked to a much better day at work. If you can convince yourself more to make you feel much more of its importance, read on for the article on how to properly use a hairdryer with other beneficial elements, and this percentage will make you change your mind. on the reception of a hair dryer. at home.

How to Use a Blow Dryer

Be sure to blow yours out when it’s still wet. Also try to do your best to match the direction of the air flow of the hair dryer to the normal direction of hair growth. You can certainly modify this step to create a supreme tuft of your choice. Use a nozzle that plugs into the end and that comes with the dryer, it’s not for nothing. In context of when was hair dryer invented.

Use it to direct the airflow in the right direction rather than distributing the blast over the air. A wider radius, creating a mess. However, for people with curly hair, it is possible to keep the nozzle aside and use the hairdryer at a greater distance, which is sufficient to avoid frizz. Keep the hair dryer moving frequently to eliminate the risk of scalp or hair burns or you might regret it a lot. For best results, even heat and air distribution should be done.

Tips for Blow Drying

It is best to apply a small amount of styling product before drying to make styling easier. Start gradually with the slow speed setting, then move on to the next higher heat and air setting. This gives you plenty of time to achieve the style you want and prevents you from being overly aggressive by default on your hair.

How to Choose

Men and women with short hair can choose any type of hair dryer to achieve the style and volume they desire. For men and women with long, thick hair, a more powerful device would be the best choice. Check the powers before committing, the higher the numbers, the more powerful the machine.

Many other options and combinations are also available. Hope this article served your question When was hair dryer invented. Below is the list of best hair dryers in the market.

4.6 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5