Sonicare Toothbrush Turns on By Itself – Easy & Quick Fix

Sonicare Toothbrush Turns on By Itself

Sonicare Toothbrush Turns on By Itself

Sonicare toothbrush turns on by itself. The button or top of a wet toothbrush may not be properly sealed. A damaged seal can cause the printed circuit board to get wet, which can cause the button contacts to activate unexpectedly. I saw this with my Sonicare toothbrush.

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There are several reasons that can cause Sonicare Toothbrush Turns on by Itself…

Faulty Seal

There may be a faulty seal on the button or top of the toothbrush that has allowed water to get in. It is possible that the circuit board gets wet from the damaged gasket, causing the button contacts to activate at random times. I saw this happen with my sonicare toothbrush.

SOLVED: Keeps Turning on by Itself

I solved this problem like this: I inserted a large flat-blade screwdriver into the slot/hole below, and then turned it counterclockwise until the cover burst, thereby removing the bottom cover from the toothbrush.

Slot slot or remove it. Then I put the brush assembly in and noticed moisture and even some corrosion on the dashboard under the power button. I dried the components as much as I could, and then used RadioShack electronic cleaner. This can replace moisture and remove corrosion deposits.

I spray one ingredient at a time. Buttons, all the chips on the board, the charging coil on the bottom and even the battery contacts. I repeated it several times, and when I sprayed on the power button, I knocked it a few times to make the cleaner work. Before putting the components back in place, I wiped the inside of the plastic box dry.

Then I pushed the bottom cover until it clicked. It is easy and does not require any tools. It has now been repaired and will no longer start. By yourself or by pressing the charger.

Another Possible Hack

Upgrade to my original solution. Six months after my initial repair, my brush started to get very hard to light.

The main problem with these brushes is that moisture gets into the brush handle and damages the electronics.

My original solution fixed the problem but didn’t deal with the humidity.

I took my brush apart once more and cleaned it with an electronic cleaner from Radio Shack. Then applied clear dielectric grease (which you can find at any auto parts store) to the two buttons on the main board that control the settings and the on / off function. I repeatedly pressed the buttons and kept applying grease to make it work.

This will purge the water and protect the buttons from advancing moisture and prevent any future corrosion I then lubricated the OR seal at the bottom and before reassembling the toothbrush I applied a clear silicone ring to the rubber boot at the top of the toothbrush.

I then reassembled the brush and let the silicone dry completely before use.

The silicone should help achieve a better seal, keep moisture out, and if it gets into the dielectric grease, it should protect the buttons.

The brush is 100% operational again and we hope it will have no problems for a while.


Check the selected cleaning mode. Your toothbrush can have different modes and settings.

After selecting a mode, the toothbrush will work for a period of time and then turn off automatically.

The following is an overview of the possible modes and their timing:
Cleaning = 2 minutes
Whitening = 2:30 minutes
Polishing = 1 minute
gum care = 3 minutes
sensitive = 2 minutes
gum health = 3:20 minutes
Tongue care = 20 seconds of vibration change when brushing teeth.

The toothbrush will temporarily vibrate when brushing, but will it keep vibrating? The lower tooth pitch is subject to transient changes in vibration. These changes are normal. After brushing your teeth, the toothbrush will automatically turn off.

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