Can I Take My Beard Trimmer in a Carry-on Luggage? Flying 99Glamour

Can I Take My Beard Trimmer in a Carry On Luggage Flying With 99Glamour

Can I Take My Beard Trimmer in a Carry-on Luggage?

Can I Take My Beard Trimmer in a Carry-on Luggage? Flying With 99Glamour. So, you are going on a vacation but have no idea that you can take Beard trimmer with you or not. Also Let me tell you a secret you are at right place to find your answer.

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TSA Beard Trimmer Rules

Transport security authorities committed to ensuring the safety of passengers, so they try to prevent travelers from carrying weapons or flammable liquids on board, so their luggage scan at the checkpoint.

Moreover it says electric trimmers and hair clippers pack in carry-on luggage. For more details on beard trimmers, I took a look at @AskTSA on Twitter. In subject to Beard Trimmer in a Carry-on.


The beard trimmer can not only carry in checked baggage, but also taken on board, but this does not mean that this item will not be search and confiscated if anything suspicious is found. Also, always check your current trip. Rules for confirmation before packing your items. Don’t always assume that any items are allow on your plane. Subject of beard trimmer in a carry-on.

In addition, electronics is one of the important things to take on board with you, and it can be very difficult given all the associated restrictions and regulations. Lately, when it comes to electronics, an electric beard trimmer is one of the items you might need in your carry-on luggage. Furthermore, Do you have questions about carry-on baggage? Don’t worry, you are not alone. This publication contains all the information you need.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts: (Source: TSA)

Electric Shaver (Beard Trimmer): Approved

Hair Clippers Approved:

Nail Clipping: Approved

Disposable Razor: Approved Razor Type Blades: Not Allowed

Safety Razor Blade: Not Allowed

Can you take razor blades in your carry on luggage?

Answer: No, according to TSA regulations, razors are not allow on airplanes, and the same applies to safety razors, unless the blades are remove prior to checking the airplane. Moreover you can also carry your electric shaver in your carry-on or check baggage. In addition, there are certain rules for the blades. Moreover then it can be your regular baggage, which is carry in the trunk of an aircraft.

In addition both safety razors and disposable razors are allow in carry-on baggage when stored in the overhead compartment. Let me add that a large amount of shaving cream will be consider liquid. In subject to beard trimmer in a carry-on.

Therefore, do not leave it in your carry-on baggage. Make sure the beard trimmer cannot be turned on and off in carry-on baggage. To make sure of this, make good packaging. I can only recommend the original packaging if you can always avoid packaging a pair of shoes or socks.

TSA Rules Queries

Can you take disposable razors on an airplane?

Yes, you can take disposable razors through TSA airport security and on an airplane. In addition, you can also bring hair clippers and beard trimmers.

Can you bring a safety razor on an airplane?

Safety razors aren’t TSA approved, so you can’t take them on an airplane.

Can you bring a safety razor on an airplane?

Law razors for borders are not approved by the TSA and are not allowed on an airplane.

Can I take shaving cream on the plane?

Shaving cream treat as a liquid and is subject to the TSA 311 liquid rule. This only means that any container of shaving cream should be no more than 3.4 ounces and should fit in a clear zip-top bag. slide not exceeding one liter to carry by hand as baggage.

Final Verdict

Beard Trimmer in a Carry-on. If at this point you are still not sure if you are packing a beard trimmer in your carry-on luggage or if you are worried if it goes through airport security, you can always contact a TSA representative to report recent bans.

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