Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions Manual Battery Operated

conair beard and mustache trimmer instructions

Conair beard and mustache trimmer instructions

Conair beard and mustache trimmer instructions battery operated. Any equipment is electrically live, even if the transfer is off. To lessen the threat of loss of life or harm via way of means of electric shock.

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About This Item

Corded Beard and mustache trimmer – a man’s face is his look and whether you style your hair sharp or keep it in shape, this corded men’s trimmer has it all. The essentials for a clean, comfortable and easy clean shave include 3 multipurpose uses. combs: 2 combs along the chin line for trimming men’s details and 1 comb with 5-way adjustment.

No battery; Unloading Etiquette. No pressure to look good, ConairMAN has beard trimmers, home care kits, electric shavers and more. for precise trimming and trimming for a beautiful look. They manufactures high quality personal care products for men and women. 

Conair Personal Care – Our line of personal care products includes high quality skin care tools, mirrors, trimming kits, beard and mustache trimmers, ear/nose trimmers, women’s razors and dental care products; Conair manufactures personal care products for everyday life. Following are the Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.

Blending the Jawline

Jaw Implants Attaching two jaws will also help you get a clean, finished chin contour. Hold the trimmer upright and start trimming in short, straight lines pruning.

Care of Your Trimmer

To remove the blade set from the trimmer, make sure the trimmer is in the OFF position. Remove the blade block by placing your thumb on the smaller blade and pushing it forward to release the blade assembly from the trimmer body.Install the new cutter system and reverse the removal process, only this time place your thumb on the thumb cutter and snap it into place.

2 Year Limited Warranty

Conair will repair or replace (at our option) your device free of charge within 24 months from the date of purchase if it is defective in workmanship or material. To obtain service under this warranty, return the defective product to the service center listed below with your receipt of purchase and $ 3.00 shipping and handling charges. 

California residents only need to provide proof of purchase and call 18003660937 for shipping instructions. no purchase receipt, warranty period will be 24 months from the date of production. Any implied, mandatory or obligatory warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are subject to written revision within 24 months. Limitations on the duration of an implied warranty are not allowed, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

In no event will you be liable for any specific, incidental or consequential damages arising out of any breach of this warranty or any other warranty, express or implied, whatever that may be. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental, or consequential damages to the extent of the above limitation. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Safety Instructions

Any equipment is electrically live, even if the transfer is off. To lessen the hazard of demise or damage with the aid of using electric shock:

1. Constantly unplug equipment from electrical outlet straight away after using.

2. Do now no longer region or save equipment in which it should fall or be pulled right into a bathtub or sink.

3. Do now no longer use equipment whilst bathing or in the shower.

4. Do now no longer region equipment in, or drop into, water or different liquid.

5. If equipment has fallen into water, do now no longer attain for it. Unplug straight away.

6. Unplug this equipment earlier than cleaning.


To lessen the chance of burns, electric powered shock, fire, or damage to persons:

1. Never depart a plugged-in equipment unattended.

2. This equipment need to now no longer be used with the aid of using, on,
or close to youngsters or people with certain disabilities.

3. Use equipment best for its meant use as defined on this manual. Only use attachments encouraged with the aid of using the manufacturer. Do now no longer use an extension twine to function the equipment.

4. Never function the equipment if it has a
broken twine or plug, isn’t running properly, has been dropped or broken, or dropped into water. Return the equipment to a Conair service middle for exam and repair.

5. Keep the equipment twine far from heated surfaces.

6. Do now no longer pull, twist or wrap the twine around the equipment.

Keep Away from Water

7. Never drop or insert any item into any starting of the equipment.

8. Do now no longer location the equipment on any surface even as it’s miles operating.

9. Do now no longer use the equipment with a broken or damaged comb or with tooth lacking from the blades, as damage may also result. Before every use, ensure the blades are aligned properly.

10. Do now no longer use the equipment exterior or wherein aerosol (spray) merchandise are being used or oxygen is being administered.

11. Never function the equipment with the air openings blocks or even as on a gentle surface, along with a mattress or couch, wherein the air openings can be blocked. Keep the air openings freed from lint, hair, and the like.


If your corded trimmer does not seem to be functioning, take the following troubleshooting steps before returning it for repair.
Be sure the electrical outlet is working by plugging in another appliance to test the outlet. One of the important aspect of Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.

Operating Instructions

To reduce the risk of electric shock, this apparatus is equipped with a polarized plug (one wider than the other). This plug will only fit unidirectional polarized outlets.

If the plug does not fit completely into the outlet, turn the plug over. Still not suitable, contact a qualified electrician to install a suitable outlet. Don’t try to override this security feature. One of the important aspect of Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.


About as soon as a month you have to oil the trimmer blades. It is high-quality to try this over a bit of newspaper. Turn the trimmer on and preserve it in order that the blades are pointed downward. Spread one drop of mild mineral oil across
the blades, then flip the trimmer off and wipe away the extra oil with a gentle cloth. One of the important aspect of Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.

Be cautious now no longer to apply an excessive amount of oil and don’t oil your trimmer greater than necessary, as this can damage the motor. (Never try to oil the motor bearing, as it is completely lubricated.) blade care.

Because the trimmer blades are precision-made for a totally unique use, they have to constantly be treated with care. Each time you end the usage of the trimmer, brush away any unfastened hair that has amassed within side the blades. Then keep the trimmer until the following use. 

To sell the lengthy lifestyles of the appliance, use your trimmer handiest for the motive supposed through the manufacturer – to trim your beard and mustache. on/off Switch To operate, certainly slide transfer in the direction of blade, to stop, certainly slide transfer far from blade.

Growing a Beard and Mustache

There are 3 key elements with a view to determine
which beard or mustache fashion is first-rate for you:
1. The form and dimensions of your face.
2. The herbal boom of your beard/ mustache.
3. The thickness of your beard/mustache.

If you are uncertain approximately the sort of beard or mustache that could maximum healthy your face, talk with a expert hair stylist and ask for an opinion on what fashion could be first-rate. Once your beard or mustache has been styled, it’s far vital which you preserve its appearance.

To do this, use your trimmer to trim your beard/mustache weekly. For the first-rate trimming results, your beard or mustache ought to be barely damp (NOT WET) when the usage of your trimmer. This will save you the trimmer from getting rid of extra hair than desired.

Types of Beards

Outlining Your Beard

1. It is constantly first-rate first of all a clean, slightly damp beard.

2. After you’ve got got combed thru your beard in the route it grows naturally, you’ll need to define the favored form, starting beneath  your jawline.

3. Begin defining your beard’s form beneath your chin and paintings upward on every aspect of your face
closer to your ears. Then define the higher define of your beard throughout your cheeks, beyond your sideburns, and closer to your

To Trim Your Beard or Mustache

1. The trimmer consists of jawline combs, which offer lengths of 3mm (shortest) to 5mm (longest).

2. To use one of the attachments, press it down over the trimmer blades till it clicks into function. At first, till you come to be acquainted with the combs, use the longest comb first. (You can continually cross again and make your beard or mustache a touch shorter.).

3. Begin trimming your beard the usage of smooth, even strokes. Start together along with your sideburns and work downward towards your chin. (Never try and trim
towards the herbal boom of your beard because the hair may be reduce too short.)

4. If you make a decision you want a better trim, you can now transfer to the shorter comb (3mm) and cross over your beard once more till you gain the favored length. Turn off the trimmer and take away the attachment via way of means of lightly pulling up at the tab.

5. To trim your mustache, comb via your mustache withinside the path it grows.

6. Place the 5-function comb over the facial hair blade and snap it into function. The
5-function comb provides 2-10mm.

7. After your mustache has been trimmed to the favored length, take away the 5 function comb and, the usage of the blades only, outline the define of the
backside of your mustache. These were the Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.

Wrap Up

The man’s face is his statement. Sometimes boldly, sometimes restrained, always individually. Fast, light and precise, ConairMAN full size razor and mustache has all the essential grooming tools for a close, comfortable shave.

The blades are removable and stay sharp for a long time. This corded male trimmer does not require batteries, which saves you time and money. Respect the Rituals.


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Following are some QNAs for Conair Beard and Mustache Trimmer Instructions.

How near does this cut? Like five o clock shadow near?

Yes, in case you use the cutter with out the plastic publications. There are publications that include the unit. The nearer one cuts to approximately 1/four inch. The different cuts longer, however I have not used it, so cannot say how lengthy that could be.

Does this work for the hairs at the eggs?

It will, however be cautious around loose skin! Make certain you tighten and stretch the loose skin previous to trimming. Go gradual so that you don’t crack your eggs.