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Rotary versus Foil shaver

Rotary Versus Foil Shaver

Rotary versus foil shaver. Which is better to choose? Nowadays Shave is more easy and comfortable, and ofcourse the technology has been evolving from the beginning.

Quick shave is better than perfect. No matter what are your priorities, whether you want to trim, remove your body hair or shave your beard in the shower, there are electric razors that can perfectly do the job for you even wet or dry.

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What is a Foil Shaver?

Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers have usually three round heads with trimmers that rotate inside and cut the bristles that hold the solid outer sheath. Designed to fit the contours of your face, when you move the shaver in circular motion.

The hair caught in the inclined groove and cut off with a small scissors-shaped blade. Circular motion makes it easier to operate in narrow spaces (such as the neck and chin). In subject to Rotary versus foil shaver.

4.5 out of 5
SweetLF Waterproof Electric Shaver Wet & Dry
Key points

USB Charging about 120 minutes lasting of shave (or about 30 full shaves). The battery charging time of shaver is 1 hour and is very reliable for your daily life. There is also a 5-level remaining battery blink indicator visible on the shaver so you can see exactly how much power you have left before you need to charge again.

Smooth & Perfect With the multi directional moving heads , the 3D rotary shaver automatically adjusts contours of the face, neck and even jawline and delivers a comfortable and close shave ever you needed.

Popup Trimmer Skin-friendly and convenient for easily shave sideburns, mustaches and any style of facial hair.
Also has a simple one-touch opening tab to quickly trim unwanted facial hair. It is waterproof and allows you to use both wet and dry electric shaver even in the shower. Easily adapts to both shaving foam and gel for a closer shaver experience.

Foil Shaver

What is a foil shaver? and how it works. An electric foil shaver have a plain head and uses a swing blade to trim the hair. 

Many updated foil shavers are cordless shavers with grids that are charged by a charger. Have a straight head that can cut hair under a foil with a moving blade.

4.4 out of 5
Remington Wetech Cordless Foil Shaver
Key points

Comfortable & relaible trim has come with the Remington WETech waterproof wirefree foil shaver. The WETech waterproof design also water and shower use and with gel or cream for more skin comfort.

Flexible technology moves the head to maintain close contact around the chin, jawline and neck. Get two great styles of a razor with the included hair attachment.

Clips onto the razor head. Beard that matches your lifestyle.

The rechargeable battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless use and it take 5 minute to quickly charge feature to provide enough power for a last second shave. In context of Rotary Versus Foil Shaver.

Rotary Versus Foil Shaver

A Rotary Shaver is with rotating edges that move freely and to fit to your face, no matter of the shape and point. As you move the shaver in a round movement, hairs from various development points slip into openings in the heads.

On the other hand a Foil Shaver has a cutting edge that swings from left to directly under foil monitor. While the metal head actually like the rotating, the foil by and largely comprises of little round openings that is for getting fine hair, instead of thick or coarse hair. Foil also shave in an all over movement.

Benefits of rotary:

Easily trim hair filling toward any path. The vital advantage to a rotary shaver is having the option to fit the forms of your face and neck. The pivot framework is not difficult to deal with and takes into consideration adaptable development as you skim across your face for greatest solace. Additionally, actually like the hair all over that fills every unique way, you’ll need to move the shaver in a round movement without driving it to a here and there movement.


Appropriate for all hair types

The turning shavers have enormous openings in the metal head, which permits slight, thick, short or long hair to enter, effectively getting a wide range of hair paying little mind to type. In addition this is particularly useful since you don’t need to stress over what sort of hair you have since the turning shavers will trim everything.

Tough steel shaver heads

Philips Norelco shavers designed with special steel that conveys prevalent strength, permitting you to keep your shaver heads enduring longer. In addition conversely, foil heads are regularly made of nickel while Philips Norelco shaving frameworks are made of steel. The yield strength of the steel utilized for turning is multiple occasions higher than that of nickel.

Calm innovation

Turning shavers have the innovation to furnish a clean incredible shave with less commotion. Moreover the present turning innovation will give you the nature of a top cutting shaver while conveying a more lovely and calmer experience. Features of Rotary Versus Foil Shaver.

Ideal for shaving with gel or froth

While Philips Norelco turning shavers can be used wet or dry, it is the best apparatus to shave with gel or froth. In addition contrasted with foil shavers, the rotational framework catches a greater amount of the froth in the framework, finishing off with less spreading and less wreck. Hope you get your answer of What is a foil shaver?


Type don’t matter, the electric razor should be held straight to the surface of the skin (at a 90 ° angle). The shaving area should be held straight with the free hand. The major brands of foil and rotary electric shavers recommend changing the electric shaver against the current.

Recommended Hair Removal

The working method of both shavers is different so the choice is yours.