How to use portable steam sauna – Product Usage Guide

how to use portable steam sauna

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Take out the chair, mat, and something you left in the sauna body, keep nothing else inside the box. And you can flatten the sauna easily, put it flat on the ground.

Hold the top left corner and fold it toward the right side — Diagonal Folding

With your right hand holding the top corner in place, use you left hand corner toward the inlet hole.

Fold the bottom left corner over the top right corner, press down the folded sauna tent cover. Finally put the folded sauna tent cover back to the carrying bag.

For More understanding take a look at below video.

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Why to Choose Portable Steam Saunas Over Costly Gyms and Spas

Gym and spa memberships can be pricey, especially if you don’t have the time to use them frequently. If you enjoy a visit to a steam sauna, but don’t want to pay for a pricey gym or spa membership, an at-home steam sauna tent can provide the same results.

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Safety Precautions

Necessary Precautions to Take While Using Saunas that will guide you how to use portable steam sauna properly.

Length of time you stay in a sauna depends on your comfort level but mostly guidelines say that it should be 15 minutes for adults.

Temperature ranges from 150 F to 195 F (65.6 C to 90.6 C) in a dry sauna

Drink a lot of water before and after using sauna to hydrate yourself

Let your body be cool gradually after using sauna.

Avoid Alcohol before and after sauna session.

Take a shower before your sauna session.

Get up slowly to avoid getting dizzy. If you feel dizzy or faint, sit down and let your body cool

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