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how to pick a hair dryer

How to Pick a Hair Dryer?

How to Pick a Hair Dryer? In principle, the working principle of a hair dryer is simple: the fan of the hair dryer pushes cold air onto the heating element.

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In principle, the working principle of a hair dryer is simple: the fan of the hair dryer pushes cold air onto the heating element (coil), and the air is heated by the heating element and discharged from the nozzle of the hair concentrator.



We will not look at what material the hair dryer is made of, but it is important to know whether the material used in the hair dryer is suitable for your hair.

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Let’s take a look at the most popular hair dryers.



Wattage refers back to the power of the blow dryer’s motor. When a dryer is ready with a excessive wattage motor, the pressure of the wind dries the hair quickly—with out requiring an excessive amount of warmth. When dryers are ready with low wattage motors, on the opposite hand, they generally tend to depend upon warmth as opposed to air strength to dry the hair. Shoppers with without problems broken hair need to choose a dryer with a wattage of 1800 or more. In fact, a excessive wattage version is a must have for every body who desires their new dryer to last. Low wattage dryers are much more likely to burn out, as an excessive amount of strain is located at the motor’s performance.

Material & Built

Many contemporary-day hair dryers are geared up with high-tech substances which have revolt the hair drying process. however, the various heating fabric options—from tourmaline to titanium—can appear inscrutable. Keep studying to study what phrases like “ionic,” “ceramic,” and “tourmaline” clearly mean.


Hair dryers should not be intolerant to use. When shopping, search for one which has ergonomic features, like an easy-to-maintain deal with and a light-weight design. People with particular dryer wishes might also additionally need to test capability dryers in man or woman earlier than purchasing.


Ceramic Hair Dryer

Hair dryer heating method Ion hair dryer Ceramic or ceramic hair dryer Tourmaline hair dryer Titanium hair dryer Ion hair dryer. When the air passes through the current in the metal coil (nickel-chromium alloy wire), the ion technology produces a series of negatively charged ions.

As well as the charged ions help break down the positively charged water molecules, dry the hair without removing moisture, and make the hair soft and silky.

Ion hair dryer

Ion hair dryer heating element Ion hair dryer can use any heating material, such as nickel-chromium alloy, ceramics.

In other words, the ion hair dryer can be a combination of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. The advantage of an ion hair dryer is that it can help you dry your hair quickly, thereby saving time.

Similarly these hair dryers generate negatively charged ions that break down water molecules and seal the stratum corneum and retain moisture in the hair. Ion hair dryers are not suitable for styling, do not increase the volume.

Second Important thing to understand how to pick a hair dryer.

Moreover these hair dryers are not suitable for fine or short hair.


Electric hair dryer tourmaline technology is another technology used in hair dryers. Tourmaline is a multi-color mineral, mainly gems.

Similarly tourmaline is a pyroelectric and piezoelectric mineral. Therefore, when force is applied to this mineral, it generates an electric charge. Mineral tourmaline emits negatively charged ions and infrared heat, making it an ion and infrared dryer.

In principle, mineral tourmaline can be made into a strong ion hair dryer or an infrared hair dryer. heat sink.

Moreover the advantage of tourmaline hair dryers is that these hair dryers are more efficient and faster than other ion or ceramic hair dryers. heat sink. Tourmaline hair dryers are safer.


Titanium hair dryers are considered lightweight hair dryers. Basically your hair dryer type is made of Cornell titanium hair dryer heating elements. Many brands produce different types of hair dryers.

Hair dryers that combine different technologies are designed to combine all the advantages in one; a hair dryer that combines four technologies can help you shape and dry correctly. Effective in a shorter time without damage.

How to Pick a Hair Dryer hope this article answers your question very well.