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beard trimmer guard sizes

Beard Trimmer Guard Sizes.

Beard trimmer guard sizes. Creating a sleek beard is not as easy as keeping your face clean with a razor. Surprisingly, maintaining a beard for a long time is not easy.

There are decisions you must make and factors you must consider. Have you decided how long to keep your beard? So, the next step: how much trim do you need to protect in order to achieve your desired length?

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Understanding Barber Shop Clipper Blade Sizes

Barber hair clippers come with hair clippers that change the length of the cut. The size of the blade guard used says a lot about the barber’s haircut and gives him a clear picture of the desired result. A cut very close to the head on the sides and back A customer requesting a number six taper requests something much longer.

The number used in the cut description is the number of the guard blade used for the chopped off mower blades, you may get too short or too long a cut. Locate the numbers on the back of each mower blade near the clip that holds the blades to the mowers. In subject to Beard trimmer guard sizes.

Note that blade number one is the shortest and blade number eight is the longest. Take the number one mower blade and locate the fine print under the number. Mark that blade number one cuts the hair at 1/8 inch or 3 mm. Repeat for the remaining seven trimmer caps, noting the size.

Note that cap number two reaches a cut of 1/4 inch or 6 mm. No three cuts the hair to a length of 3/8 inch or 10 mm. Number four is a 1/2 inch or 13 mm. The five caps cut to 5/8 inch or 16 mm. The number six is ​​3/4 of an inch or 19mm long. The number seven trimmer cap leaves hair 7/8 inches or 22mm long. Number eight is 1 inch or 25 mm.

How to taper a fade with Clipper

Choose a trimmer guide that is two sizes shorter than the guard you used to cut the sides and back of the fade. The smaller the number, the tighter the cut. Select a number 2 guard for a faded cut with a guard number 4, a 1 for a 3, and so on. For a washed out cut with # 2 protection, do not use any protection.

Attach the chosen mower guard to the mower. Cut the bottom 1/2 inch of hair around the bottom hairline with the shorter hair clipper guard. shield and attach a protector to the trimmer that is one size larger than the average size between the protector you used for the fade and the smaller protector you just used. Use this protector on the lower inch of the hair around the hairline.

Check the cones for mixture. If you don’t see any shelves, lines, or cut points in the section, you’re done.Blend the lines using the protective measure you used on the hair directly below the line. Extend the trimmer’s extension lever and cut the hair along the line in small strokes. Do not cut anywhere else in the hair.

Best Beard Trimmer Guards

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Designed to fit the KM2 Wahl, the KM5, KM10, KM Rechargeable Pet Hair Clippers, Thick Trimmer, Power Grip, SS Pro, Stable Pro Plus and XBlock; Also compatible with most Auster and Andis detachable trimmer style Features SnapOn stainless steel mounts for professional cutting and trimming of pets, dogs, cats and other animals.

Eight color-coded guide combs, with cut lengths from 1/8 to 1 inch, make them an easy coat non-slip for small, medium and large dogs and cats. Works best when combined with Val’s 30 Ultimate Competitive Blade series; Also compatible with # 10 and # 15 replacement blades. Includes eight stainless steel colored rails in sizes # 5 (1/8 “cut length), # 4 (1/4”), # 2 (3/8 “), # 1 (1/2”), # 0 (5/8 “), #A (3/4”), #E (1 “), and #C (7/8”).

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Magnet design: reduce the difficulty of installation, increase the stability of the installation of the product, more stable than ordinary products. There is no need to worry about not being strong. Easy to Install: Easy to slip through your hair, quickly and efficiently, saving you and your client time. In subject to Beard trimmer guard sizes.

Professional use: made of high quality nylon. Soft and durable. Intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver crisp performance. Required by experts Tips: only suitable with Wahl Clipper Like Taper 2000, Designer, Super Taper II, Senior, Icon, Super Taper, Pro Basic, 5 Star Balding, 5 Star Legend, 5 Star Magic Clip, 5 Star Senior Not compatible with small mowers such as

DETAILER ETCPACKAGE INCLUDES: No.1 1.5MM (1/16 “) No.2 3MM (1/8”) No.3 4.5MM (3/16 “) No.1 / 4” (6mm) cup No.5 3/8 “(10 mm) cut no. 6 1/2” (13 mm) cut no. 7 5/8 “(16 mm) cut no.8 3/4 “(19 mm) cut no. 9 7/8” (22 mm) cut no. 10 1 “(25 mm) cut, with organized tray. #E (1 “), and #C (7/8”).