How To Use Hot Rollers on Medium Length Hair – Product Usage Guide

how to use hot rollers on medium length hair

How To Use Hot Rollers on Medium Length Hair

How to use hot rollers on medium length hair. Curling medium-length layered hair on a thermal curler can produce smooth, smooth waves or curls.

Depending on the size of the curler used (the smaller the curler, the tighter the curls). The latter is uglier and look, but practice is the best.

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Voluminous Waves

Step 1:

Roll up to set the volume in the volumetric waveguide.

Step 2:

Blow dry coarse and damp hair and dry it to 90% with a T3 hair dryer.

Step 3:

Brushing Use larger rollers for the curls in the front and smaller rollers for the curls in the back. The hair on each roller should be the same width as the roller you are using.

Final Look:

Release the clip and gently comb through the hair with your fingers. Part your hair the way you want and you’re ready to curl it.

Customize your Curls, Expand your set with 4 different hot rollers sizes. Further How to use hot rollers on fine hair.

steps for voluminous waves
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Sectioning and Rolling Hair

Connect the heat roller. Make sure your hair is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of hairspray to your hair. Use a comb to draw two sections equidistant from the center at the back of the head to create a section with the same width as the curling iron.

Use a comb to draw a horizontal line to separate the top or shorter hair layer from the longer hair layer below. Comb this part of the hair up to one side, keeping it away from the head.

Wrap the tip with the bottom of your hair, then roll the curling iron down until it touches your scalp. Use the paper clips or other fasteners included with the paper roll kit to secure the paper roll.

Separate the next layer of hair from the back, just below the previously twisted strands. Repeat step 4 for this part and insert another clip.

Continue to use a separate curling iron to treat each section or layer of hair on the back of the head. If your hair has many different lengths, you can combine hair of the same length into one roll.

Usually, three to four rollers are used on the back of the head. … On one side of the head (left or right of the middle backrest), make a vertical cut of the width of the roller from the rolled part.

Follow steps 3 to 5 to divide this part horizontally into three by four. The smaller part, each part rolls on the heat roller. Do the same thing on the other side of the rear center roller, so you now have three rows of rollers, each with three or four rollers. There are two more columns after steps 3-5.



When all your hair is frizzy, cover it with hairspray. Let the rolls cool completely, this usually takes 10 to 30 minutes.

Remove the curling iron, shake your head, and then comb the curls with your fingers as needed. But remember, it helps to remove frizz and straighten hair.

Final Thoughts

We often think that hot videos are only related to the era of perfume sprays, hand-held mirrors and movie stars.

They look old-fashioned in our era of Alex Chang and have special texture sprays and curling rods that bounce your hair then, as in all other tendencies, fatigue sets in.

We spend so much time pretending that we are barely getting old; We started looking for a middle ground between spending hours wearing silk robes in the closet and just getting out of bed.

This is where hot videos come in handy. But forget what your grandmother taught you about them. it’s a new way to get big waves, modern and fresh.