What does ionic hair dryer mean? User Guide by 99Glamour

What does ionic hair dryer mean

What does ionic hair dryer mean?

What does ionic hair dryer mean? Ionic hair dryer produce rotating speedand high torque that allows your hair dry quickly while reducing your losses.

Ionic blow dryers generates thousands of negatively charged ions, which destroy down the charged water molecules. Below is the complete answer of What does ionic hair dryer mean?

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How to Pick a Hair Dryer?

How Do Ionic Hair Dryers Work?

What does ionic hair dryer mean? An ion is an electrically charged component that can decompose a chemical that can carry a negative or positive charge. There are positive and negative charge points in your hair that help some hair care products work better, and the water in wet hair is a positive factor.

In addition to Edward Borish, Ph.D., a chemist in Columbus, Ohio, says ion dryers emit negative ions that cause beads of H2O molecules to break down into smaller particles and evaporate faster. As a result, the cooking time is shortened. Conditioners contain positively charged ingredients that attach to negatively charged sections of hair.

Moreover allowing them to stay there and process your hair to make it stronger, ionic devices claim to release ions into your hair for some benefit, but as I said above, if your hair is bombarded with ions, you are actually interacting with what is in your hair (water or product) and not the hair itself, so ions can help the styling products you use work better and therefore give you top scores.

Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryer

Regular hair dryers use warm air to hurry up water evaporation and dry your hair. The disadvantage of those gadgets is they emit lots of definitely charged ions, which purpose the cuticle to boost up, permitting herbal moisture to escape. Hot air blended with fantastic ions could make your hair seem dry, static, and frizzy.

Newer-version hair dryers have a integrated ion generator that produces bad ions, making the drying system quicker and gentler in your hair. Negatively charged ions neutralize static due to fantastic ions and tame flyaway hair. Negative ions additionally assist seal in moisture and flatten the cuticle, making hair clean and shiny.

Best Ionic Blow Dryers

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What does ionic hair dryer mean

Key Points

Extra blow power 1800W professional with excessive torque and rotating speed , lets in you to dry your hair fast and lowering your losses. 2 Features and 3 heat modes.

Hair Care: Our hair blow dryer’s bad ion technology lessen frizz and complements shine. Constant temperature feature makes certain the healthiest hair care and dryness experience.


Easy to Use: This travel blow dryer designed with multi protection detachable filter, your hair will not get sucked into the blow dryer, and it is simple to clean. prepared with 1 diffuser and a pair of concentrator nozzles to exactly mast the desires of all hairstyles: curly, straight, skinny or thick.

Smart Design: The small hair dryer is supplied suspension ring that may be held on without difficulty held on wall or bracket. and length is 5.7×5. 3×2.nine inch, that’s handy to carry.

Compact and Lightweight: Suitable for expert salons and domestic use, however additionally very appropriate for travel, our expert blow dryer is a great present for ladies who want to see her best. Use it as a birthday present, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas items and lots of different unique occasions.

4.6 out of 5
Pro Hot Tool Signature Ionic

Key Points

Wonderful performance and results are gained with every blowout. This Ionic Turbo Ceramic Professional Salon blow dryer is designed with exceptional Direct Ion Technology to help reduce frizz to provide you shiny, healthy hair. A powerful 1875 watts of airflow means you’ll be modeling in no time and enjoying the living room gusts all day and night.

This hair dryer features ionic technology that emits far infrared energy to help lock the cuticle for safe styling. Six heat/speed options allow for versatile styling and great results on all types of hair. Once you’re ready and ready to show off some great results, don’t forget to use the Cold Shot button. To lock the style for longer, after styling, blow-dry with the Cold Shot button.

Bonus accessories (concentrator and diffuser) help enhance the beautiful results for finished styles that are truly salon-worthy. Extend the life of your dryer motor by using the removable filter that makes cleaning easy. With this performance combined with a lightweight design, you’ll look forward to styling your hair every day.

Ionic Vs Ceramic hair Dryer

Ionic hair dryers

generate millions of negatively charged ions that help break down positively charged water molecules. Negative ions do not open the hair shaft, so the hair remains soft and smooth. Here are the benefits of an ionic hair dryer. Temperature to dry your hair. The definition of curly hair remains the same. Hair dries faster You will see much less curls.


Excessive hair drying is alleviated by an ionic hairdryer, which is especially harmful for fine hair.

Moreover fine and fine hair can be frizzy and tired.

Ionic hair dryers

are more expensive than traditional and ceramic models.

Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for almost any hair type. The inside of the hair dryer has a special ceramic coating that distributes heat evenly in a traditional hair dryer, the air flow may be uneven. Here are the advantages of ceramic hair dryers. Ceramic hair dryers can regulate the temperature by automatically detecting room temperature and adjusting accordingly. When drying starts, the air leaving the dryer is warmer. Gradually the air calmed down. Your hair will be dry. faster and less damaged.


Ceramic hair dryers are slightly more expensive than customary hair dryers, but the added benefits are well worth it.

Ceramic models release some negative ions that help control frizz hairdryer on ceramics.

Ionic or Tourmaline

What it means: ionic hair dryers shoot negative ions, water ions are positively charged. This is the science behind why an ionic hair dryer is so much more effective at breaking up and spreading water droplets on the hair shaft, preventing them from absorbing and causing frizz, while speeding up drying time. . “The ion function works best to close the cuticle and remove moisture from the hair, making the finish shinier and smoother,” says celebrity hairstylist Peter Butler, who likes models for the costume problem. Sports Illustrated bathroom. tourmaline ion dryers on steroids; their interiors are made of or coated with this semi-precious mineral, which projects even more negative ions into the air, but can increase the price of a dryer as a result.

Crucial if: your hair is frizzy or thick / difficult to dry. In the meantime, be aware that ions can be a downside if your hair is flat and / or greasy, and for unattractive hairstyles. “When I need volume for a sexier look with lift and movement, I’ll use non-ionic products,” says Butler (he also swears by this Elchim, who isn’t ionic). “I’m careful not to over dry my hair, which robs it of texture and volume. Nonionic assures me that won’t happen.” That’s why one of the sexiest blow dryers we’ve known, the $ 300 Harry Josh Pro blow dryer, lets you switch between ionic and nonionic depending on your hairstyle.

Buying Guide for Ionic Hair Dryer

Adjustable heat and speed settings With any hair dryer, ionic or not, Samar suggests choosing a model with adjustable heat and speed settings to suit the style to your type specific hair. They allow you to use more or less wind and heat, depending on the texture and needs of your hair. As you know, any type of hot styling can damage your hair, so having adjustable options will also help Prevent tourmaline and ceramic components In addition to ionic technology.

Same likes hair dryers that use ceramic and tourmaline materials, as they increase the overall benefits of the hair dryer and further protect the hair dryers. hair from damage the hair, as well as not burning it. Tourmaline emits additional negative ions, which maximize the benefits of an ionic hair dryer. When it comes to power, Samar recommends going for a hair dryer with a power between 1500 and 1800. Anything below 1500 will slow styling time and anything above 2000 can get too aggressive and unnecessarily damage your hair.


With ionic technology while drying that locks the cuticle to frizz reduce. It provides the smooth blowouts in 20% less time than most professionals.